coaching for executives and leaders

you’ve got a spark — let’s make it a fire

time to make a change?

You and I engage skilled professionals when its time to make a change:  Doctors, Therapists, Realtors, Dietitians, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Personal Trainers, Architects, Landscapers, the list goes on and on.  How about as a leader? 

How do we face change with courage as leaders?

How do we sustain with wisdom? 

The ramifications for leaders are far-reaching.  Our decisions affect not only ourselves but all those for whom we are responsible.

Executive coaching….

  • Creates a laser-focus as a leader,
  • Directly leads to getting the most important stuff done,
  • Accelerates the rate of change and follow-through,
  • Raises your eyes beyond the urgent to implement the important,
  • Challenges and renews personal growth in a competency, leadership behavior, or character quality, and,
  • Stokes and fuels your personal leadership passion.

If you’re thinking its time to make a change, you’re most likely right.

That’s when you make the commitment to work with an executive coach — and your leadership journey will never be the same.

what is executive coaching?

take initiative for the good of your self--and those you serve

“Executive Function” —

  • A term used to describe the mental capacity to manage oneself and one’s resources in order to achieve a goal.
  • It’s an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation. 
  • The same could be said organizationally for an executive leader-how well we focus and sustain our executive function makes all the difference in the quality and impact of our leadership.

choose a highly-skilled executive coach

At some point in every leadership journey, we realize something with great humility — we cannot finish the journey solo. 

  • There’s a place and a space in every leader’s journey for professional, wise, intuitive coaching. 
  • Have you reached that point?

learn more about executive coaching

Not sure what coaching for executives and leaders is all about?

  • It’s literally the opposite of the movie-stereotyped football coach grabbing you by the neck, and — at full volume — “telling” you what to do.
  • The International Coach Federation defines coaching as, “…partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”
  • Click here to find out more.

“A quality coach, one who cares about your real leadership development, will be distrustful of gimmicks.  They’ll, instead, bring the power and presence of a real, honest-to-goodness, human being to the relationship. If that’s what you’re looking for, I could be a good match.”

the “feel” of a session

I coach you as a person (isn’t that refreshing, with the digital and AI static everywhere?).

I won’t go anywhere with you without trust.

Trust is the oxygen that fuels the fire.  Your fire is what we are going to stoke!  I ask powerful questions.  I’m transparent.  I will tell you when I don’t know something.  I will ask your permission if I have something to share that I think is relevant.  We’ll focus the lens on where you are and where you’d like to go, and we’ll watch the fire catch hold.

  • We will always connect first and last as people who have a life — with laughter, family-talk, and transparency.
  • We will work on whatever you decide
  • We will walk away with tangible actions you set for yourself
  • I’ll bring my best to draw out your best: my most powerful questions, my most focused awareness.

a framework for coaching

Coaching is a unique relationship.

  • It’s not two-way, or evenly balanced.
  • Everything leverages toward the client.
  • Everything supports ONE person’s growth and goals — yours!
the goal?
  • Coaches work with clients to identify specific goals that will make a difference in addressing their cause, their fire.
  • You might have one, or a whole bunch.
  • Either way, the goal is to stoke the internal fire, and then move through action steps to stoke the external fire.
  • What do you want to change?  We’ll go there:
    • in your competencies?
    • in your calling?
    • in your culture?
    • in your character?
stoke the fire
  • As you make progress toward your goal, you acquire new knowledge, wisdom and insights.
  • I call this “stoking the fire.”
  • You might discover something about yourself, the people around you, or the situation you’re facing.
  • During a coaching conversation, your coach will invite you to verbalize your learning.
  • When you say it out loud, you begin to articulate a new reality.  You find fuel for your fire.
  • Once you’ve processed what you’ve learned, coach and client work to identify action steps that move you toward your goal.
  • As you accomplish them, you move from a stoked internal fire to a stoked external fire across your leadership circles.
painful symptoms?

Symptoms are important, they are flags of irritation or pain that let us know something is an issue.  We’ll dig into the symptoms facing you as a leader, and we’ll name them.  But we won’t stop there.  We’ll also address the causes.

root causes?

The wisest leaders address the root causes for symptoms in their lives and organizations.  Every time you face the root causes and work a plan for change, it releases a tremendous burst of energy and focus.  This is where some of the best work in executive coaching occurs.  Let’s do it!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

This is the first step.  We have a free-flowing conversation, and the goal is to determine if we are good match.  

Choose a Coaching Plan

If you determine we are a good match, we’ll discuss a variety of options for our coaching relationship.  We’ll build together (and sign) a coaching agreement that clearly outlines the plan, schedule, structure, and fees going forward.

Reach Your Goals

Success is defined completely by how we reach the goals that you set.  Let’s do it!

Still Have Questions?