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I’m an executive coach, a certified debriefer for Harrison Assessments, and hold a Masters in Experiential Education from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  My credential, PCC (over 125 hours of Coach Specific Training and over 500 hours of client coaching experience), is from the International Coach Federation.

I grew up in Ghana, West Africa and the Pacific Northwest, USA, as the son of Lutheran development workers and I bring a multicultural perspective to coaching.  Because I grew up on two continents, I quickly see things from your point of view.

I’m not the right fit for everyone. No coach is.  If you want a coach unafraid to face obstacles, who partners with you to serve your dreams — we could be a good match.

I work with two kinds of clients

-Leaders who are for people, solve problems for people, and develop people (what separates leaders from managers)

-Leaders who want to fuel their fire, who see personal challenges as opportunities

“I believe every leader has a fire.  Not every leader keeps it stoked — fueled, oxygenated, burning with intention.”

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Dust does a masterful job as a leadership coach helping me navigate key decisions as a business owner. Not only that, but he has ample tools in his coaching toolbox to unlock even more focus and fire in me as I lead my company. Dust has challenged my thinking in a wide variety of ways from strategic thinking to refining our brand at Loam Coffee and more.
“Loam Coffee promotes mountain biking through coffee, stories, and stoke in the PNW and beyond.”
Dr. Sean Benesh

Founder & Brand Manager, Loam Coffee

Starting a new adventure in both work and life was pretty overwhelming especially when I was not completely clear where I was heading.  I left a full-time job for a dream to launch a barbershop that is the community’s relationship-center for boys missing a father figure, and for men who need a safe place to learn how to listen and care for others.  I’m not there yet, and Dust has been my guide, helping me clarify my values and goals as I become a better husband, father, and business owner.

Jeremiah Drelleshak

Founder & Brand Manager, Homestead Barbershop

Dust is a phenomenal coach and mentor to our launch team — he brought clarity, vision, and structure to our team in its most pivotal moments. Most of all, he inspires leaders and team members alike in a way that no one else can.  We are still in the early stages of our launch, and Dust not only provides encouragement; he has an innate ability as a leadership coach to lift our hearts, minds, and spirits.

James Buettner

President and CEO/Chief Creative Officer, Communion Cowork

As a coach, Dust has helped my skills as a leader simply by listening and posing the right questions. He’s challenged me in how I think through scenarios when I talk with others so that we all can reach the end goal. Coaching for University of Washington and also being the wife of a coach, I have found communication to be the foundation for growth and progress. I’ve learned to listen first before jumping in to tell young athletes how to solve or fix or do a certain skill. Listen first, then lead. Dust has a valuable skill set that anyone looking to launch their leadership platform should dig into!
Katie Faulkner

Assistant Coach, University of Washington Women's Basketball, (Women's Basketball Coaches Association, 30 under 30)

Dust has coached me for several years. He has been impactful in helping me discern what is most important to me and create a path to get there. This isn’t a skill I’m naturally good at, but with Dust’s help I’ve been able to focus and achieve goals, both personally and professionally.

Derek Hines

Senior Accountant, Cambia Health Solutions

Dust Kunkel is an excellent coach. As his mentor-coach, I’ve watched him develop top-notch skills.  He understands how effective coaching relationships work, helps his clients set appropriate and meaningful goals, and focuses on root causes rather than surface-level symptoms. If you are thinking about engaging a coach, he would be an excellent choice!

Author of “Coaching Hacks” | WBECS Presenter 2019-2022


Jonathan Reitz

Master Certified Coach (MCC), ICF, Fluxify

My leadership abilities have grown immensely since working with Dust. For me personally, the way he asks great questions that make you think about situations that you will face is one of his strongest gifts. He leads you through conversations and scenarios you need to prepare for leading others.  There are applicable principles I can use and I’ve applied them with my previous team at Corban University, and now at Seattle Pacific University — specifically to develop students as leaders.

Derek Faulkner

Asst. Coach, Women's Soccer, Seattle Pacific University