I’m not going to water this one down, change is hard.  Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

I’m hoping you consider a coaching relationship with me, but I prefer to make sure the issue is on the table instead of under it.  Some coaching websites suggest (covertly or overtly) that they will fix anything you’re facing, just sign up.  But some problems, some obstacles, are seriously challenging.  Some dreams take real work, that’s why we call them dreams.

It can be tough slogging up a rough path in bad weather.

The real question is what kind of person do you want with you on the climb?  Do you want someone who will tell you it’s a cake-walk, take your money for a quick-fix, and move on?  Do you want someone who will help you identify exactly what the mountain looks like, the options to climb, the gear and supplies you need in the backpack, and then join you on the adventure all the way?

I’ve had both kinds of “helpers” in my life.  I bet you have too.  Some of the quick-fix tools I was handed ended up actually being harmful, they weighed me down, got in the way, kept my focus on what they could do instead of what I could do.  I had an older friend who used to say, “don’t ask me to blow sunshine up your ass,” when I reached out for help, and I’m glad that he didn’t!  We may not use that phrase anymore, but I’m going to ask you this:  what wise leaders do you have in your life that you can count on to be honest with you (even when its painfully honest)?  

A quality coach, one who cares about your real leadership development, will be distrustful of gimmicks.  They’ll, instead, bring the power and presence of a real, honest-to-goodness, human being to the relationship.  If that’s what you’re looking for, I could be a good match.  And if you don’t choose to work with me, still, consider how to include more people in your leadership life who will be helpful in this long-term way.

Sometimes, its tough slogging up a rough path in bad weather.  Who do you want with you on the way?  Who do you want with you when you reach the top, or go beyond to the next country?